About Pixeleau.

Pixeleau has been designing lovely imagery and delivering great experiences on the web since 1996. Wow! That's a long time - and the world has changed and evolved so much since then.


As the world has changed, so have we. We're constantly evolving and embracing the best principles and techniques to provide our clients with the most effective product.


What we do is best demonstrated in our work, and the results are reinforced by what our clients think about us (below).


It's great to work with you. You do very good work and I enjoy your professionalism. Thank you very much.
— Chris Deets

2015 Midwestern & Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating

Love this rendition! Very “today” with a look of motion! Thanks
— Beth Risinger - IEHA

Integrated Cleaning & Measurement

Wow!!! What a site!!
— Ruben Rives

Renewable Cleaning

It's a great-looking site. Nice work!
— Allen Rathey

Build Healthy